Hi i'm Grace, i cosplay and i like s'mores
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mermaids with pets


West coat mermaids who has a lives with seals on a beach and gives them belly rubs and plays with them in the water and scares away killer whales and sharks by literally being a more badass hunter than they are

Tropical mermaids with huge, scary, eels for pets that follow them around and they go to sleep at night can do so without worry of reef sharks sneaking up on them because of their eel friends

Marshy mermaids with pet alligators to lives in an old tree root system that was knocked over by a hurricane. They like to tip the boats of alligator hunters and laugh at them

Fresh water spring mermaids with manatee pets who laze about all day in the warm water rivers of Florida and make grass and water flower crowns their manatees nibble off their heads and they get really upset when people race by on speed boats

mermaids with pets